A new Utopia for Europe.

Article 1

Everyone has the right to live in an environment that is healthy and protected.

Article 2
Digital self-determination

Everyone has the right to digital self-determination. Harvesting people’s personal data or manipulating people is forbidden.

Article 3
Artificial intelligence

Everyone has the right to know that the algorithms imposed on them are transparent, verifiable and fair. Key decisions must be taken by a human being.

Article 4

Everyone has the right to trust that statements made by the holders of public office are true.

Article 5

Everyone has the right to be offered only those goods and services that are produced and provided in accordance with universal human rights.

Article 6
Fundamental Rights Lawsuits

Everyone has the right to bring a lawsuit before the European Courts when the Charter’s fundamental rights are systematically violated.

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Ferdinand von Schirach und Detlev Buck prämieren Gewinnerfilme von europäischem Filmwettbewerb Aaand Action